Angela Bucci

Meet Angela Bucci NP

Angela Bucci, NP

Hi my name is Angela Bucci and I obtained my degree in Primary Care/Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I completed my undergraduate degree from Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids. 


I have worked in health care in some capacity for the last 6 years. Most notable is my experience in the Emergency room for the last 4 years. I have cared for varying acuities of adults and pediatrics at a level two trauma, stroke, and heart center. At U of M I gained experience in ENT, Primary care, and Addiction medicine. I attended the Mayo Clinic Psychiatry conference in 2022, and obtained a Certification/training in Botox, and Dermal Fillers. 


These experiences and my passion for caring for individuals throughout their lifespan lead me to Pro-Health. At Pro-health I have the ability to provide care in an Urgent care setting, provide medication assisted treatment (MAT), and combine my passion for aesthetics. 



I am passionate about self care and can talk all day about anything fashion, skin care/makeup, or the cutest spots in town. I spend my free time traveling, hiking new trails with my dogs, or cooking new recipes. 

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